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Family owned and operated, Robert Oliver started R.A.O. in 1977.

Home to over 30,000 DVD's we strive to meet our customer's movie needs. How do we accomplish this in today's environment? Customer Service! When you come into R.A.O. you're dealing with people who actually care. Can't remember what movie that actor played in? Know what a movies about, but don't know the title... no problem. We will do everything possible to get you the movie you desire.

Reservations.... what, no one does reservations? We do! Call today and reserve a movie for rental. It will be our pleasure to call you once the movie has been returned, or hold it for you if it's already here!

New Releases.... At R.A.O. we bring in more New Release titles than any video store or RED BOX in the state. We don't just bring in big budget films, we also bring in foreign, documentaries, direct to video's and independent films. On the off chance we didn't get that new movie you wanted, let us know and we will order it!

BLU-RAY..... Looking for BLU-RAY movies, we stock over 500 titles!!

28 DAY HOLD??  That's right, some of the biggest studios in the business are making RED BOX & NETFLIX wait 28 Day's for titles. So if you want that new DVD or BLU-RAY and don't want to wait, come on down! I guess technically you could get it through your cable provider for twice the price if you prefer. :) 

Competitve Pricing.... We offer our new releases for $3 for 3 days or $1.50 for 1 day and that includes tax! That's cheaper per day then RED BOX. Don't need it 3 day's, we have daily plans as well as monthly plans to suit your needs.


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